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What our Clients Say


What our clients say

Mr. P. Roberts 

Napa, CA

"One of the major benefits of using Krueger Bros. was their experience and knowledge in dealing with insurance company claims."

mr. G torres

San Francisco, CA

"We endorse and highly recommend Krueger Bros. Builders Inc. to anyone who finds themselves in a situation where there are often more questions than answers in understanding the insurance claims process."

Mr. & mrs. r stewart

Napa, CA

"Krueger Bros. knowledge and expertise in dealing with the often-cumbersome insurance process was very impressive and we could not have done by ourselves."

mr. f taylor

Mill Valley, CA

"I was grateful to have you bring your experience to bear in negotiating with the insurance company.  By analyzing in advance the actual scope of the damage, and therefore the true scope of the work to be done, i believe you saved us a substantial amount of money."

  • Atlas Fire - 2017

  • Debris Removal

  • Post Wildfire Clean-Up

The atlas fire

The Atlas Fire turned Porter's house from a multi-million-dollar Silverado stunner into wreckage.  An 18-foot tall stone arch that head been an entry feature to luxury now leads to an ash pit.

The Atlas Fire broke out the night of Oct. 8 and swept south toward Silverado.  Porter and his wife, Kali, evacuated their house as the fire descended a nearby hill, a sight he compares to a thousand people with flamethrowers advancing.

But they didn't know their home's fate until the next day.  Kali Porter saw the house burning on television, with the flames framed by the stone arch.

On Monday, the stone arch finally came down, felled by the jaws of a bulldozer.  It was no longer structurally sound and had to removed anyway to make room for the big, debris-hauling equipment.

Fire reconstruction


Historic Preservation

Fire reconstruction

Fire reconstruction

Fire reconstruction

Mr. r klotz

San Francisco, CA

"I wanted to offer you my sincere & heartfelt thanks to you and your outstanding staff for a job well done under difficult and trying circumstances."