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Work in progress

We are so excited about some of our projects we can’t wait to show them to you. Browse below to see what we are working on.

San Francisco

22nd Avenue

An explosion and 3-alarm fire in San Fancisco’s Sunset District did major damage. Essentially, this a total rebuild.

screenshot of a KPIX news report about the fire. aerial shot of home with firefighters.
front view of completely gutted home.

San Francisco

Mateo Street

This 2-story Craftsman home sustained severe damage to the structural underpinnings of the main floor, requiring the replacement of the dimensional floor joists, with significant shoring, subfloor, and blind wall carpentry tasks.

In addition to a new electrical system, new plumbing, and new mechanical systems, all interior surfaces were replaced with period-appropriate interior trim, custom cabinetry, and custom wood flooring.

exterior view of fire-damaged craftsman home with boarded up windows
exterior of fire-damaged home with black smoke damage on exterior
close-up view of fire-damaged floor joists

San Francisco

Barneveld Avenue

This San Francisco warehouse was the site of a 3-alarm fire, requiring a total roof replacement.

exterior of fire-damaged warehouse showing roof damage and covered windows
exterior of fire-damaged warehouse showing new construction on the left side
exterior of fire-damaged warehouse showing new construction on the right side


Foothill Boulevard

This single-family home and guest cottage in Calistoga, CA, were destroyed by fire. The roof framing, electrical, plumbing, insulation, exterior siding, drywall, and open beam ceiling with natural interior trim all had to be redone.

exterior view of fire-damaged home with debris and insulation scattered about
interior of fire-gutted kitchen and living room
exterior shot of home with significant damage


Graylawn Avenue

Fire destroyed significant framing in this seven-unit apartment building complex in Petaluma, CA, necessitating the complete gutting of three units. Krueger Bros. also provided new electrical and plumbing systems in the detached building complex.

exterior of fire-damaged apartment complex including carport with several burned cars
exterior of fire-damaged apartment complex including carport with several burned cars
interior of fire-damaged carport showing damage to cars and framing
close-up of fire-damaged rafters with newly-placed supports


White Alder Way

Single family 2-story home in Fairfield, CA, suffered significant fire damage. Krueger Bros. reframed roof structure, provided new electrical, new plumbing, masonry chimney, drywall, insulation, and interior finishes, including a kitchen.

interior view of fire-damaged rafters
exterior of fire-damaged home with new framing on roof
exterior of fire-damaged home with new framing on roof


Mitzi Drive

This single-family dwelling in Calistoga was badly damaged by a large tree that crushed the wood-framed roof structure and severely damaged the masonry chimney and exterior siding along with adjacent interior living room, dining room, and kitchen. Our in-house crew of craftsmen reframed the roof, installed new exterior siding, rewired the electrical, rebuilt the brick chimney, installed new windows, heating ducts, and new drywall in 60 days’ time.

exterior view of debris stacked outside house
interior of tree-damaged home with new framing on roof
exterior shot showing scaffolding and repaired masonry chimney
exterior of house in process of reframing.
exterior of house with new siding and roof. unpainted.


Buchanan Drive

This is a classically constructed 1970s-era wood-framed home trimmed out in exterior cedar shingles with custom redwood wooden interior trim throughout.

The dwelling was ravaged by a tragic fire that destroyed a significant amount of the existing roof structure along with the exposed knotty pine tongue-and-groove roof sheathing and mezzanine loft.

The electrical wiring system, the interior plumbing systems, and the kitchen areas were destroyed by the fire.

exterior view of fire-damaged A-frame roof
exterior of A-frame roof with fresh wood
interior of A-frame area with fresh lumber
interior view of fire-damaged room
interior of previous fire-damaged room during re-framing process
interior view of fire-damaged room


Center Road

A savage fire ripped through this wood-framed duplex building in Novato, the fire destroyed the roof structure, exterior walls and siding, exterior stairs and porch landing and the interior of 1 unit completely.

exterior view of fire-damaged staircase
exterior view of fire-damaged staircase
newly rebuilt outdoor staircase
interior view of fire-gutted kitchen
interior view of fire-gutted bedroom
interior view of room during reframing process